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Bellamy's Organic Infant Formula 900G Step 1

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Australias #1 Organic Brand
Bellamys Organic Step 1 Infant Formula is nutritionally complete and carefully crafted to provide key ingredients which support the growth and development of babies, from birth through to 6 months of age.

-Complete Infant Nutrition
-Premium Ingredients
-Certified Organic
-Australian Made
-Trusted by Australian Families


Up to 2 weeks 60ml  1 scoop 7-8 times/day
Up to 1 month 120ml  2 scoops  6 times/day
Up to 2 months 120ml  2 scoops  6 times/day
Up to 4 months 180ml  3 scoops  5 times/day
Up to 6 months 180ml  3 scoops  5 times/day

1 scoop = 8.8 g of powder. The Feeding Table is only a general guide. Your baby may need more or less than indicated.

1. Always wash hands before preparing.
Wash and rinse bottle and all utensils thoroughly.
Use only the enclosed scoop.

2. Boil fresh drinking water and allow to cool until lukewarm.

3. Consult Feeding Table. Pour exact amount of warm, previously boiled water into the sterilised bottle.

4. Fill the measuring scoop with formula powder and level off using the levelling blade on the tin.

5. Always add one level scoop of powder for each 60 mL of water in the feeding bottle. Place cap on bottle. Shake or swirl until powder dissolves. If required, cool the prepared formula by holding the bottle under cold, running water.

6.Before feeding your baby, make sure the prepared formula is at the right temperature by testing on your wrist. If prepared formula is not consumed immediately, refrigerate and use within 24 hours