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Boneka Anak - P.Lushes Vera Von Corn 6061080 - 1
Boneka Anak - P.Lushes Vera Von Corn 6061080 - 2
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Boneka Anak - P.Lushes Vera Von Corn 6061080


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Manufacturer Part Number: ENS-6061080-C - DESIGNER FASHION PET: You can never go too bold with gold! With her shimmering golden wings, Vera Von Corn leaves a golden trail of gold wherever she flies, especially when checking out the newest fashions in her fabulous hometown of Milan. - UNIQUE MATCHING STYLISH COLLAR: From her golden horn, ears, nose, and hooves to her matching glittering collar, this special-edition Pegasus is dripping in her favorite thing in the world. Her fur is swirled with gold filigree, while her eyes sparkle just like a 24-carat ring! - HUGGABLE SIZE: Plush measures approximately 6 inches tall - the perfect size to cuddle and collect! - THE PERFECT GIFT FOR FASHION LOVERS: P.Lushes Pets make perfect gifts for birthdays, Christmas, Valentine's Day & more for fans of designer labels to add to their collection! P.Lushes Pets are designer plush from all around the world who love to look their best. Everywhere is your personal runway with P.Lushes Pets! This stylish squad of fabulous fashionistas serves chic with a sprinkle of attitude and a whole lot of glitter. Luxe, premium fabric and a sparkling collar enhance their fashion-inspired looks! Shop the complete style squad of premium plushie animal fashionistas, including the Limited Edition & rare Special Edition characters. - Highly Recommended. - Classic design. - Top quality.