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Buku Seri Kumi: Number (Pond Boardbook) - 1
Buku Seri Kumi: Number (Pond Boardbook) - 2

Buku Seri Kumi: Number (Pond Boardbook)


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Spesifikasi Produk: ISBN 978-602-472-052-0 Dimensi (P/L/T) 17 Cm / 17 Cm/ 0 Cm Halaman 10 Jenis Buku Boardbook Sinopsis: 1..., 2..., 3! Come learn how to count numbers with Kumi! Kumi is a cute and kind cat. In this book, Kumi will help you learn about numbers and how to count them. Let's learn together! Keunggulan Buku: This book is part of the Kumi series which consists of Shape, Color, Hijaiah, Number, and Alphabet. These are the five main topics that are essential for children. Kumi books were designed with cute illustrations and enticing colors to attract children's attention and make them interested in reading and learning what's inside the book. They were made from high-quality good materials and are safe for children. Kumi books are suitable for children under 5 years old.

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