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Coffee Blossom Honey - 1

Coffee Blossom Honey

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Coffee Blossom Honey

Collected by honey bees from beautiful and delicate coffee blossoms grown in the highlands region of Bondowoso.This honey is a real rarity and very difficult to harvest as the flowers of the coffee are opened only for a very short period of time for pollination. Did you know that Coffee production has been found to double when purposely pollinated by honey bees? Tasting notes: a subtle fruity sweetness with a very pleasant caramel notes. Pairs well with coffee, tea and cheese. If you use honey for your coffee, the flavors of this honey will enhance and compliment the flavors of your coffee. Also stands up well in baking with its bolder flavor 🍯🐝At Honey Lane we use only raw honey with moisture content of 19% or below. This prevents fermentation due to natural yeast and negates the need for further processing due to its naturally long shelf life. • High in antioxidant • Contains many nutrition such as vitamin A, C, D, E, K & B-complex • Strengthen the immune system • Energy booster •. Perfect home remedy for cough and cold Netto : 300 gram

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  • 1 jar Coffee Blossom Honey