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Ginger Infused Honey - 1

Ginger Infused Honey


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Ginger Infused Honey

The second addition to our infused honey family is ginger infused honey, cold steeped to maturation for a few weeks. Enriched with strong ginger aroma and slight bitterness, this one is perfect for those who enjoy bold flavors! Ginger contains the active ingredients gingerol that is an excellent analgesic and a potent anti-inflammatory agent. Perfect for those days when you are feeling a little bit under the weather. - Prevent nausea and flatulence - Pain relief for arthritis and joint pain - Reduce pain during menstruation This jar is wrapped in traditional Sumatra batik design celebrating Indonesian culture and the origins of the ingredients. How to consume Infused honey – stir with hot tea, oatmeal, hot cereal, or spoon over smoothies bowl and granola. Or just eat them straight out of the jar like we do. Netto : 150 gram

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  • 1 jar Ginger Infused Honey