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Lime Infused Honey - 1

Lime Infused Honey


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Lime Infused Honey

A cheerful blend of honey and citrus; local green lime lends it refreshing flavor and imparts its zesty aroma. A crowd favorite, it’s perfect for all year-round consumption in our tropical paradise. Lime peel contains limonene, which is an excellent digestive aid. LIME INFUSED HONEY • High content of Vitamin C • Contains high antioxidant that help the wound healing process • Helps the body detoxify This jar is wrapped in traditional Kalimantan batik design celebrating Indonesian culture and the origins of the ingredients. How to consume Infused honey – stir with hot tea, oatmeal, hot cereal, or spoon over smoothies bowl and granola. Or just eat them straight out of the jar like we do. Netto : 150 gram

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  • 1 jar Lime Infused Honey