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Mango Blossom Honey - 1

Mango Blossom Honey

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Mango Blossom Honey

Mango Blossom Honey Origin : Probolinggo, East Java Aromatic & Fruity Harvested from the blossoms of mango trees grown in the Probolinggo regency, this honey is is rich in minerals and micronutrients! You can rest assured that our honey is always raw, taken straight from the hive so you can enjoy the full benefits of its healthy enzymes, vitamins A, C, and B6, as well as minerals such as potassium and magnesium. This honey is perfect for you if you’re experiencing cold symptomps during this rainy season. Replace your daily sugar with it to reap the full benefits, or take a spoonful and eat it as is 😋 This product is highly seasonal as it follows the blossoming pattern of said mango trees, so grab yours while it lasts! 🍯🐝At Honey Lane we use only raw honey with moisture content of 19% or below. This prevents fermentation due to natural yeast and negates the need for further processing due to its naturally long shelf life. Netto : 300 gram

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  • 1 jar Mango Blossom Honey