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Some Kind of Summer - Calista Oetama - 1
Some Kind of Summer - Calista Oetama - 2

Some Kind of Summer - Calista Oetama


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Summer break for the Bartletts was not fun. Her parents argued every day, making Clementine and Felix walk on the eggshells. Fortunately, an escape came in the form of their sympathetic neighbors, Perry Moore. As the children grew closer, a suspicious affair complicated their newfound friendship. Clementine realized that no one seemed to be telling the truth--and it`s up to her to find out why. Ringkas Deskripsi Detail Jumlah Halaman 192 Penerbit Gramedia Pustaka Utama Tanggal Terbit 11 Mei 2022 Berat 0.150 kg ISBN 9786020661742 Lebar 13.5 cm Bahasa Indonesia Panjang 20.0cm